Monday, January 2, 2012

Spread your wings and fly

into 2012, nothing held back.  I can't say I'm any more optimistic about the year (and this is excluding any Mayan-calendar based doomsday predictions -- I know enough to see that an arbitrary ticking up of the year won't mean an instantaneous end to several millennia of human civilisations, no matter how much one hopes it).

I've recently watched (finally!) Waiting for Superman, along with...another documentary which I've forgotten the title; it dealt with the education system specifically in New Jersey, and, like Waiting for Superman, brought to light some of the inner workings of the Teacher's Union.  This is on top of the educational bubble in law school (though applicable to all higher learning in general) which I vigilantly follow, and the end result is a rather pessimistic prognosis.  Bonus: I haven't even touched SOPA and NDAA (and I refuse to discuss the GOP hopeful; this, I feel, may be a resolution which will find itself broken quickly, much like the resolutions of millions to work out and get in shape)! Hooray for humanity!

Regardless, my intuition has been a rather poor barometer of future predictions good or bad, so I will, like many others, simply play it safe and play the waiting game.


  1. I need to watch Waiting for Superman.. been a lot of good documentaries out in the last year.

  2. I enjoy watching some of those documentaries on Netflix, I'll have to check that one out!

  3. Wow you finished it and I just started it! How weird!

  4. Dude keep the optimism! It seems hard but it makes life better!